Thursday, June 16, 2011

What businesses do you want to see?

During Monrovia’s 125 Birthday Celebration, the Redevelopment/Economic Development Team took a tally from residents to determine what businesses they want to see in Monrovia. We took the businesses from our “Hit List,” developed by the Vision 2015 Committee, and also gave participants an opportunity to write in other businesses they would like to see. In total, there were 125 participants.

Residents participate in the
Monrovia Day Event on May 14.

And the survey says:

Business                                 Tally
Bookstore                                36
Wine Store                               6
Beauty/Make-Up Store               4
Gaming Store                           7
Women’s Speciality Store          6                     
Distinctive Apparel                     9
Houseware Store                     15
Speciality Store                        9
Other                                       33

Residents placed their votes on the
above board during Monrovia Day.

The “Other” stores that were written in included:
Crate and Barrel
Whole Foods
Jamba Juice
Garden Shops
Candy Store
Aardvark or other vintage thrift store
Fishing Store
Super Wal-Mart

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