Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Filming Roundup: Jackie Chan Shoots Commercial in Monrovia

Monrovia got a visit from an international martial artist and movie star last month.

Jackie Chan - who appeared in such movies as Rush Hour and The Karate Kid remake - was spotted running full speed towards a parked car in a white jumpsuit during a filming of a V8 commercial two weeks ago. The commercial was shot in the lot outside of the vacant Super A Foods Supermarket at 935 W. Duarte Road on Aug. 22.

The crew returned on Aug. 25, but without Jackie. Instead, it was his stunt double that was spotted doing flips on a car, with a help of crane (see below). 

A crew member helps Jackie Chan's stunt double flip on a car during the
fiming of a V8 commercial on Aug. 25.

An empty Super A lot was the set of a V8 Commercial on Aug. 25 in Monrovia.

In the month of August, Monrovia's Office of Filming processed this permit in addition to the Public Service Announcement on Myrtle Avenue in Old Town for the Nature Conservancy.

Be on the look out for our wrap up of September's filming activities at the end of the month.