Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Filming Roundup: Car Commercials and "Crush"

October was a busy month for filming in Old Town. It began with two car commercials and ended with a week-long filming of the independent movie "Crush," which utilized multiple locations throughout Old Town including a vacant building, Mundial Restaurant, and exterior scenes on the 400 to 500 blocks of S. Myrtle Avenue. 

Here are the details:

  • Oct. 3 and 4: A commercial for a Lincoln prototype was shot. One day was an action-driving scene, and the other day included still photography of the same vehicle in the 300 and 400 block of S. Myrtle Avenue. These were both done in the middle of the night/early morning hours.
  • Oct. 11: A Honda commercial was shot in Old Town on the 400 block of Myrtle Avenue. This was also shot in the middle of the night.
    • Side note: As you can see, Old Town is used for its picturesque location, and is ideal for driving scenes similar to the Harley Davidson commercial (see below) which is currently running on network television. 
  • Oct. 24 to Oct. 29: Crews filmed parts of "Crush," a teenage thriller about love gone wrong, during these dates, but a week prior crews conducted preparation for their filming activity. Locations included Old Town Monrovia, including using a business front at 405 - 407 S. Myrtle as a record/comic store, Canyon Park, and residential areas near Recreation Park. Filming continues this month for the film in Monrovia.

This vacant storefront at 405 - 407 S. Myrtle Avenue in Old
Town was transformed in late October to a record/comedy
store for the movie "Crush."
To learn more about filming in Monrovia, visit the Office of Filming.

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