Friday, January 27, 2012

Round II: Cafe LuMar Open for Lunch...and Dinner

Cafe LuMar, a Croatian-influenced restaurant that serves soup, sandwiches, and fresh baked goods at 136 E. Colorado Avenue, is the newest restaurant in Old Town. We reported earlier this week of their opening, and posted their menu online. Today, we had a chance to see what they were whipping up for lunch, and ordered the half sandwich, salad and soup deal for $7.50.

Bean soup with a toasted piece of bread.

Half roasted pork sandwich and salad.

We also learned that they are open on Friday nights for dinner, so if you are out and about at the Friday Night Family Festival, pop by to see their daily specials...

Daily special for Friday, Jan. 27.
To get more information, here is their website: