Thursday, December 8, 2011

Local Home Depot Donates Christmas Tree

Photo: City Staff
Home Depot's sign was blown away during
the Foothill Windstorm last week
Home Depot's sign may be gone, but its giving spirit sure isn't. 

On Tuesday night at the City Council meeting, it was announced that our local Home Depot would be donating a 17-foot Cedrus Deodara -- a.k.a . California Christmas Tree -- to the City of Monrovia to be used as the City's future Christmas Tree.

This generous donation follows the sad news last week that the City's 60-year-old Christmas Tree in Library Park fell victim to the windstorm.

No word yet on when or where the tree will be planted.

BEFORE: The former Old Town Christmas Tree
in all its glory in this 2005 photo.

Photo: City Staff
AFTER: This was taken on Dec. 2, a day after the windstorm
knocked down the 60-year-old tree in Library Park.