Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Power to Old Town Monrovia 100 Percent Back Following Windstorm

Well, it only took six days, but power has been restored to 100 percent of the businesses in Old Town Monrovia following the windstorm that swept away much of the power in the San Gabriel Valley last Wednesday.

Power came back on early this morning for the businesses on the 100 through 400 blocks on the east side of Myrtle Avenue, including Krikorian TheaterCoffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and side street businesses such as Pho Lemon.

As far as the pther Old Town businesses, power was restored to the east side of the 500 block of Myrtle Avenue almost immediately on early Thursday, while other businesses saw power restored by the weekend.

Be sure to dine and shop in Old Town Monrovia to help these businesses recover from their loss.
This is all that remained of the City's Christmas Tree           
last Friday.

     Holiday decorations in Old Town were among the casaulties 
     in the windstorm that occurred last Wedensday and Thursday.