Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gone Fishin': Wil's Sport and Tackle Opens in Old Town

Fishing has been a passion of Wil Fitzpatrick for the past four decades, and now he's hoping to share his love and expertise for the sport at his new store, Wil's Sport and Tackle. The store, located at 310 S. Myrtle Avenue, will open tomorrow.

Photo courtesy of Wil Fitzpatrick
Employees of Wil's Sport and Tackle 
show off the merchandise.
"I love fishing. I fished all my life, and it’s an industry that I'm familiar with," Fitzpatrick said on Thursday. "A lot of what I'm carrying, you wont find at [big box sporting goods stores], and one of the advantages to coming here is that more than likely, you will find someone who fishes, and they will set you up with everything you need." 

Fitzpatrick, whose mother Pam Fitzpatrick also owns a business in Old Town Monrovia, started fishing when he was just four years old. His biggest catch was a 250-pound ray.

While his favorite fishing destination is the ocean - anywhere from San Clemente to Morro Bay - he knows the local fishing spots like the back of his hand. 

Among the San Gabriel Valley spots include the Santa Fe Dam, Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas, Chantry Flats, Azusa Canyon, Arroyo Seco in Pasadena, and there are even spots in our very own canyon in Monrovia.

Aside from fishing equipment, he also sells a variety of sporting goods including balls, archery supplies - sorry, no bow and arrows, though - and clothing.

Wil's Sport and Tackle opens tomorrow at 8 a.m., and will be welcomed by the business community with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce at noon on April 18.

For more information, visit their website.