Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Almost Frozen Yogurt Time

There's a new Fro-Yo spot in town. You know, frozen yogurt? Fro-Yo is the short version for frozen yogurt, typically said when you are in a hurry and need to satisfy that Fro-Yo craving immediately and can't waste time actually saying the entire word. But enough about the Fro-Yo lingo... 

As of 8 a.m. today, Yogurtland at 104 S. Myrtle Avenue looked ready to start serving up some of its Dragon Passion Tart, Birthday Cupcake Batter, and New York Cheesecake, among the other 20 or so flavors it has to offer. 

Its sign is posted, its hours are up, and all that we need next are the doors to open. It is expected to open sometime this week, and possibly as early as today.

This location is the chain's 170th store. Locally, there are several Yogurtlands in the San Gabriel Valley, including locations in Azusa, Glendora and West Covina. 

Yogurtland's philosohpy is that the client rules: "Yogurtland believes control, choice and creativity should always be in the hands of our guests – and this is the heart of the Yogurtland experience," according to its website. Whether it's selecting from its nearly 20 frozen yogurts or more than 50 toppings, it is a hands on experience at Yogurtland.

In Monrovia, this is the fifth frozen yogurt store. Other stores where you can fill your Fro-Yo satisfaction are Cherry On Top in Foothill Park, Pinkberry on Myrtle, White Tara in the Baja Ranch supermarket center, and AM Donut & Yogurt at 305 W. Huntington Drive.