Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Huntington Crossing: Oto Oto

In case you missed it, KGEM featured several of the businesses at Huntington Crossing in their February video. The timing of the video came about three months before the official opening of Oto Oto Izakaya Japonaise, a Japanese restaurant that specializes in Asian fusion and serves things like beef tongue, sushi and bacon wrapped zucchini.

As you'll learn in the video, the company that owns Oto Oto -- the Ramla Corporation -- has another 156 restaurants worldwide. But Oto Oto in Monrovia is Ramla's first restaurant in the United States.

The video also reveals the history of the Huntington Crossing Shopping Center, and the role Redevelopment played in bringing this busy shopping center to fruition.

Monrovia City Beat - Feb '11 - Huntington Crossing from KGEM-TV on Vimeo.

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