Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Year, New Restaurants

                                                                Photo by Aaron Smith
Since January, several new restaurants have cropped up in Old Town Monrovia.

Pho Lemon, a Vietnamese restaurant with noodle soup, sandwiches, and spring rolls, opened its doors at 113 E. Lemon Avenue back in January.
Then, Old Town Bistro, which specializes in Italian and French cafe style food like crepes and paninis, opened at 520 S. Myrtle Avenue in the Spring.

Around the same time, Big Shrimps Fish Grill opened at 123 E. Colorado Avenue. Big Shrimp is a casual dining restaurant that features grilled fish, tacos, salads and seafood burritos.

And more recently, Sena on Myrtle opened its doors.

These restaurants add to the diverse repertoire of eateries in Old Town, such as Rudy's Mexican Restaurant, London GastropubChang Thai Bistro and T. Phillips.

Getting hungry yet?