Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diggin for Daises: "Eco-Crayons," Organic Diapers and Pre-Worn Kids Clothes

Monrovia resident Shayna Fiore saw a need in Old Town for a store that featured "pre-loved" children's clothes, eco-friendly toys and even organic cotton diapers. So this singer-songwriter teamed up with her husband Michael to open Diggin for Daises, which has quickly become a popular store since it opened in February for parents wanting to save the environment - and money.

The store features a variety of organic and chemical free toys, such as these mini-vehicles (below), eco-crayons, and eco-play doh. It also has a selection of pre-worn children's clothes for both boys and girls. And for your youngsters, the store also has a little play area and toys - so it may be hard for them to leave when parents head to the cashier.

The store is located at 420 S. Myrtle Avenue, Suite C. It is tucked away in a location near Bella Sera and behind Action Footwear. Diggin for Daises is on Facebook.