Friday, March 16, 2012

Michelin Man Makes Way to Monrovia

Ever think twice about the Michelin Man? You're probably not alone if you answered "No."

Photo courtesy of Gary Ghazarian.
But seeing the bright white Michelin Man dance around on Huntington Drive as its 20-foot brother hovers over him may give you pause this weekend, and make you wonder: How did THAT come to be the mascot? 

Since we'll be seeing the Michelin Man until March 24 at Huntington Tire and Auto Center, 511 W. Huntington Drive, now is as good a time as any to get the background of the Michelin Man, or in French, "Bibendum."

It turns out that he was born in France in 1898. The creators were the Michelin Brothers and O'Galop. The source of their inspiration - and why am I not surprised - was a pile of tires and a caricature of a beer drinker.

It has seen many different types of illustrations over the years, and these can now be viewed in a digital gallery here.

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As far as Huntington Tire and Auto Repair, their history is a little more recent than that of the Michelin Man. It has been operating in Monrovia since 1990, and was established by owner Gary Ghazarian. Click here for information about their services.

According to Ghazarian, the Michelin Man is here promoting a deal on...wait for Click here for infomation on the promotion, and click here for their Facebook page.