Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hong Kong Supermarket to Come to Monrovia's Mon-Arc Center

Its been nearly one year since the Mon-Arc Retail Shopping Center on Duarte Road lost anchor tenant, Super A Foods Supermarket. But on Tuesday, it was announced that the Center - which has undergone a complete facade renovation since the departure of Super A - has signed Hong Kong Supermarket at the 25,000 square foot site.

Source: http://monarccenter.webs.com

 Both the renovation and the addition of Hong Kong Supermarket - which is slated to open in Fall 2012 - are expected to breathe new life into the Center. Hong Kong Supermarket opened its first store in Monterey Park back in 1981. Since then, it has steadily expanded in Southern California.

At Monrovia's Mon-Arc Center, located at 915-949 W. Duarte Road, the supermarket will join 10 other tenants, including Jim's Burgers (above), Yan's Dance Studio, and Shanghai Bamboo House, pictured below on the left.

Shanghai Bamboo House, left, sits next to the newly constructed restaurant site.

Now, the property owners are working to fill the Center's remaining six vacancies, which range in size from 920 to 3,200 square feet. Among the vacancies is the newly constructed 3,000 square-foot building plus outdoor dining area that owners believe is perfect for a potential restaurant or bakery.

To get more information about the Mon-Arc Center, visit http://monarccenter.webs.com.