Monday, August 29, 2011

Energy Wise: Edison Offers Rebates to Businesses

Southern California Edison is targeting homeowners and businesses that are considering driving Plug-In Vehicles. In a presentation to the City's Green Team last week, Edison officials said they will be working with the Southern California Association of Governments in an effort to develop a regional plan for how cities, businesses and homes would use Plug-In Vehicles. 

According to this article in the New York Times, the latest technology of Plug-In Vehicles is gaining more and more traction.

                                                 Photo from the New York Times
The Nissan Volt is among the newest versions of electric cars.
The promotion of these Plug-In Vehicles is part of Edison's overarching campaign of becoming more green, whether that's by offering rebates, incentives or grants. Businesses can learn more about these resources by clicking here.

In Monrovia, the greening of businesses is a priority, as identified in our Environmental Accords and in our Business Recycling Program.