Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reeling Them In: Filming in Monrovia

Businesses get a boost when filming productions select sites close to them, according to this report prepared by the California Film Commission.

In Monrovia, we have seen a number of filming permits being pulled recently, and many times these production crews make stops at our local gas stations, visit our stores and stop in to our local coffee houses. In July, Monrovia's Office of Filming handled permits for:
  • Harley Davidson commercial was filmed in Old Town at 407 S. Myrtle Avenue
  • "Hostage Do or Die" was filmed at the former Super A Foods Supermarket at 935 W. Duarte Road
  • A Wells Fargo commercial was filmed at Monrovia Area Medical Center at 1128 S. Myrtle Avenue
August filming was kicked off by the Nature Conservancy, which shot a Public Service Announcement this morning on Myrtle Avenue in Old Town.

                                                               Photo by Aaron Smith
The Harley Davidson film crew turned this vacant building at 407 S. Myrtle Avenue
into a pet store as it advertised its motorcycles in July.