Monday, February 13, 2012

And the 40-inch Teddy Bear Goes To...

Nic and David Conway, the Monrovia couple who won the Old Town Valentine's Day drawing.

Participants submitted receipts for a total of more than 400 purchases for a chance to win a 40-inch Teddy Bear, a dozen roses and a meal at any Old Town restaurant of the winner's choice. In order to compete, participants had to submit receipts from three Old Town businesses.

Congratulations to the Conways. As for those who didn't win, you'll just have to pony up for a meal to treat your Valentine - and hopefully, it will be at a Monrovia business.

And if you DON'T have a Valentine and want to avoid all those sickening-sweet romantic couples, you can always head into London's Gastropub, who is having a singles-only, anti-Valentine's Day event.

So have a Happy Valentine's Day. Or, depending on your relationship status this year, an Happy Anti-Valentine's Day.