Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Former Entertainment Attorney Has Passion for Antiques

Owner Francesca de la Flor, left, shares her story on Monday.

Antiques On Off Fair Oaks was officially welcomed by the Monrovia business community on Monday when the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting for the 15,000-square-feet antique store.

The store, which opened in Monrovia late January, is located at 137 W. Walnut.

Councilman Tom Adams, left, welcomes de la Flor to the city.
Occupying part of a warehouse that once housed Soliant, owner Francesca de la Flor said she was attracted to Monrovia following a parking debacle with her longtime landlord in Pasadena.

De la Flor was first lured into the business nearly 20 years ago, switching her career from an entertainment lawyer to an antique afficinado.

But it wasn't an immediate success.

On Monday, de la Flor said that it took her many years of attending garage sales and shows before she got the hang of the business. Five years later, she opened her own store.

Previously Antiques On Fair Oaks, the former Pasadena store was voted for having the "Best Antiques" by the Pasadena Weekly in 2010. They had operated in Pasadena for 15 years.

One of the gems spotted on Monday was what appeared to be a pair of smiling lions.

And yes, this business is dog friendly. Below is one of the two pouches that was spotted on Monday. The other dog, Violet, is the store's official mascot, according to the store's blog, where you can also find write-ups on the newest items in the store.