Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mt. Sierra Students Step Up to Global Game Jam

Photo by Alexis Newell
Here is an inside look at Mt. Sierra College at 101 E. Huntington Drive in Monrovia.
Monrovia's Mt. Sierra College - an information technology and media arts and design school of nearly 600 students - hit the headlines recently when it became one of only three Southern California schools to compete in a global gaming competition.

In late January, Mt. Sierra College was featured on CBS2 when it was among just 247 locations around the world that participated in the "Global Game Jam." This 48-hour competition challenged students to create a board or video game using the image of a snake eating its tail as inspiration.

What we learn is not just that this type of activity takes a lot of energy drinks, but that these students are extremely creative. Here's the video.

Mount Sierra College Students Take Up Challenge To Create New Games « CBS Los Angeles

Photo by Alexis Newell
Mt. Sierra College first started in Pasadena before it relocated to Monrovia.