Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Filming Roundup: Neon Trees Buick Commercial on Air

Old Town Monrovia continues to be a popular filming location for car commercials. In recent months, we have seen Honda, Buick and now Jeep all select S. Myrtle Avenue as the backdrop to highlight their latest car models.

In February, the Office of Filming reported one filming. S. Myrtle Avenue and neighborhoods along Foothill Boulevard served as the location for a one-day shoot of a Jeep Commercial on February 13.

In other filming news, the Neon Trees shot a Buick Commercial commercial back in January, and it has already started airing. Check it out below...

Side note: Monrovia got a shout-out in a Santa Barbara Independent article for its abundance of film shoots and cooperative attitude by the Monrovia Police Department towards the CHP. Here's an excerpt:
"Fauntleroy also said that oftentimes [Santa Barbara] police did not have enough officers available to monitor large film shoots, and that they were unwilling to let the California Highway Patrol come in and take over the job. One of the officers in the audience commented, “Since this is a local matter, chiefs will never give over the responsibility to the state police.” He was quickly contradicted by a CHP officer, who said that police in cities like Monrovia and Malibu (both known for having an abundance of on-location shooting) have no problem with the CHP coming into their city for a film shoot."