Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's Go Boutiquing

Monrovia isn't just a great place to eat. It's also a great place to shop, especially if you prefer independent boutiques over packed malls.

Scattered throughout Monrovia are a number of boutiques, including one that received regional attention a few months back when it was featured in the Los Angeles Times. Suo, located at 601 W. Huntington, has been in the City since 1999, and features a variety of affordable and fashionable clothes, jewelry and accessories.

Suo is located at 601 W. Huntington, and is one of two locations in So. Cal.

A cluster of boutiques can also be found up and down Old Town. These include Allure at 417 S. Myrtle, L & G Fashion Boutique at 302 S. Myrtle, and Jenni B. at 106 E. Lime.

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So what are you waiting for? It's Friday...time to go shopping!